Exciting News!

Pets Welcome Here Expands to 3 New Shows for Summer 2022.


3 Times the Adventures, 3 Times the Furry Fun!

Now there are more adventures to share, more destinations to discover, more furry friends to meet and more to explore as Pets Welcome Here expands to 3 new half-hour TV specials in 2022.

Share the adventure as our award-winning host David and his furry companions hit the slopes in Aspen, discover a Walking Tour just for dogs and their people in Savannah, play on an off-leash beach in San Diego, learn Dog Yoga in Austin, discover our Colonial past in Williamsburg, see the sights on an urban adventure in Atlanta and much more.

And here’s incredible news- even though we have 3 specials, you won’t have to try to find our shows on different stations. Your local broadcast affiliate station will be airing all three shows throughout the summer. Check the TV schedule on this website to find out when our shows will air on your local station.


At Pets Welcome Here, Our Sponsors Stand for Better Pet Care and Nutrition.

Of course, we have sponsors. But not just any sponsors. Since we aired our first show in 2016 it has been our mission to promote only pet products that stand for quality, innovation, and are dedicated to the health and well -being of pets.  We are grateful for the trust you place in us to show you only products that live up to their claims and enhance the lives of pets. That’s why we are excited that we have formed an alliance with Phillips Pet Food and Supplies, a premier pet food and pet supply distributor, servicing pet specialty markets all across the country. Phillips Pet has been in business since 1938, and it is their goal to provide local pet retailers with products that will improve the lives of pets and delight pet parents. Some of the healthiest, most innovative pet foods and treats plus interactive play and ergonomic harnesses and leashes will be our sponsors this year, and you’ll learn about how they can help your pet on our Pet Tips included in every show.

We hope you enjoy our 2022 season. Even more Pets Welcome Here is coming in 2023.


Heather Eisenstadt,
Executive Producer




Meet David Zelski

Pets Welcome Here’s Dynamic Award Winning Show Host.

David is an Emmy award winning Host, writer and producer and the Leader of the Pack on Pets Welcome Here. Over the years David has developed and produced television projects ranging from full-length documentaries to marketing promotions, broadcast Regionally and Nationally on PBS, Fox Sports, CNN and MSNBC, including creating, producing and co-hosting the award winning travel series, “The Georgia Traveler” for PBS.



Where Can I See Pets Welcome Here In My Area

Pets Welcome Here can be seen as three  1/2 hour specials between Mid-June and September 2022 You can catch us in Top Markets throughout the nation as well as many other markets throughout the USA. Check our Schedule page for the time and station near you. Check back on this website for local listing updates. If you don’t see your listing, contact your local station and ask them to run Pets Welcome Here.



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Bernie’s Blog


Pets Welcome Here’s Bone-Vivant and Dog-About-Town, Bernie Whiner, Dishes About the TV Show’s Exciting Locations and Fun-tastic Adventures.

It’s Bernie, and I’m wiggling with excitement over the new adventures of my furry friends and human pal, David, on Pets Welcome Here. This year we have 3 paw-some shows and 6 amazing destinations. In Aspen David met so many canines who love winter adventures, including cross country skiing, skijoring, and of course, romping through the snow,

And, David was thrilled to meet the hero Avalanche Dogs that rescue skiers buried in the snow. The Avi Dogs showed off their skills and did a few tricks for the camera. Then it was on to Austin where David met fantastic furry friends who are part of Devine Canines, a group of over 120 pet parents and their furry kids who are trained to provide comfort and support to people in need. These four-footed heroes are just like your dog when not helping others and fetch balls, swim in lakes and do SUP with their people. In San Diego David explored Dog Beach, the first off leash beach in America and checked in to a magical resort where he met Chungus, a very special bulldog and his person Chef Kyle. Chungus showed David around  the super pet friendly resort, offering pet massage on their private beach and a canine menu prepared by Chef Kyle.

In Savannah David discovered Oliver Bentley’s Historic Dog Walking Tour, a daily event where tourists and locals walk the historic streets of Savannah with their history loving hounds and  \sniff out historic landmarks, scenic parks and pet friendly establishments. From historic River Street to a retro hotel where “the hip pets stay”, and haunted buildings where your pet may see a ghost or two, Savannah is a doggie delight.

Talk about history! You can’t beat Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown.

These three destinations in Virginia’s Historic Triangle each tell a unique story about Colonial America. It was here that David met Ilsa, a courageous 3-legged terrier who lead him on adventures of epic proportions. From the original site of the Jamestown Settlement to the quaint, charm of Yorktown where holes from cannon balls can still be seen in the outer walls of homes, to Colonial Williamsburg, dogs are welcome to walk about with their people, see the sights and meet with historic re-enactors who will tell you their stories. Contemporary Williamsburg also gets 4 paws up as pets are welcome in many shops and restaurants and at a very pet friendly resort with a private pet friendly beach where dogs can go kayaking, and sniff their way through miles of hiking trails.

In Atlanta David met the biggest furry guide of all, Fernando, a  Great Pyrenees who led David to an amazing hotel that welcomes pets of any size. Fernando and David experienced the tranquil area around the pool, the lobby, rooftop cabanas and bar, happy hour, and of course, guestrooms with welcome pet amenities and a Fernando size bed. Then it was off to action adventures as David met Kylie, a Blue Heeler, who loves Atlanta because it’s a city surrounded by a forest. A short drive from downtown, the Chattahoochee National Forest is he perfect place for Kylie to take David on a hiking and kayaking adventure. Not to be missed is the Martin Luther King Memorial National Park where Kylie and David walked along historic paths and stopped and smelled the roses in the magnificent rose garden. You may not have known the MLK Memorial Park is dog friendly, but it’s a one-of-a-kind experience for you and your pet in the Big Peach.



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