Let them live long and strong

Balance your dog’s pH levels with an alkaline based diet which:

  • • Reduces aging
  • • Minimizes cellular degeneration and collagen depletion
  • • Helps to put more oxygen in the cells

Canine Caviar is a limited ingredient, holistic diet 

with a high digestibility rate of 91-93%


Benefits include:

  • • Reduced health risks & degenerative diseases
  • • By reducing acidity and increasing alkalinity, overall health increases and may prevent disease.
  • • Improves cellular regeneration
  • • Reduces aging, minimizes cellular degeneration and allows DNA self-recovery to function properly.
  • • Reduces tear stains & hot spots
  • • No preservatives, additives, or synthetic chemicals means less irritation and inflammation.
  • • Highest metabolized energy (ME)
  • • The highest quality of ingredients means increase “ME” in every bite.
  • • Hypo-allergenic
  • • Hormone, pesticide and antibiotic free; no corn, wheat or soy means allergen free.
  • • Taurine for heart health
  • • Taurine is derived from meat, our primary ingredient, adding additional heart support.




Find more information at caninecaviar.com