Charlee Bear was developed to enhance the wonderful relationship between dogs and people. Each Charlee Bear Treat is a way to say “I love you” and make the bond grow deeper. Charlee Bear also wanted to keep dogs healthy and lean so Charlee Bear was developed as a low calorie treat, made with simple natural ingredients. Dogs are family and training is like teaching our children manners. Over the years Charlee Bear Treats have been a wonderful training tool helping many doggies to be well mannered canine citizens. Charlee Bear is proud of the moments of love and fun that their treats have helped to create over the past 25 year




Original Charlee Bear Treats
Your dog will love these crunchy dog treats, made in the USA with natural ingredients. You will love that they are pocket perfect™.
Only 3 Calories Per Treat

Bear Crunch – Grain Free Dog Treats
These Grain Free Dog Treats–called Bear Crunch–are made with healthy, wholesome ingredients, such as apples, turkey, chicken and blueberries.
They are less than 3 calories each and they are pocket perfect™ too! 3 great flavors

For More Information or to order, visit the Charlee Bear website at or call PH: 608-238-5252 | Toll Free: 800-880-2327