Curli Harnesses
Swiss-designed harnesses that are loved by dogs, trusted by owners.


Curli harnesses are made in Switzerland for people who Just want the best for their dogs. Light but still robust, our harnesses are ergonomically designed in styles and sizes to fit all dogs. Designed with your dog’s health and wellness in mind, has well as your control, Curli harnesses enable owners to control their dogs with confidence, knowing they’ll be safe, secure and comfortable. 

Our Swiss heritage means we take extraordinary care to get every small detail right. Our goal is to help owners build a bond of trust with their dog by giving them better tools to control and communicate with their pet. We’ve developed innovative features you won’t find elsewhere, such a magnetic closing system that allows owners to attach a leash with one hand. Our free DogFinder service helps owners retrieve their lost dogs using a unique ID supplied with every harness. When it comes to quality, comfort, innovation and control, only perfection will do (we are Swiss, after all).


Find more information at mycurli.com