Freeze Dried Dog Food & Treats Made and Sourced in the USA



Limited Ingredient Freeze Dried Food. 

Our limited ingredient food is the smart choice for the wellness of your best pal. All our delicious single source proteins with fruits and vegetables have earned the lick of approval from our resident taste-tester, Sparky, who’s on our bags. Freeze dried for maximum nutrition with clean ingredients free from grains or unneeded fillers, its nutrition made the way nature intended.

Our natural diet provides awesome benefits like less shedding, smaller poops and more energy. Your pets may want to show off their pearly whites, sparkling coats and toned bods to the neighbors! 

Single Ingredient Freeze Dried Treats.

Beef, Chicken, Liver, Salmon and more, each of our treats is made from one single protein, freeze dried to seal in maximum flavor and nutrition to reward your dog with the best. Whether they’ve been mastering tricks or chasing a disc, we know your dog has been working hard to make you proud. Why give them treats with ingredients like flour, meal, and artificial ingredients when you can give them our highly nutritious grain free dog treats after a job well done. Plus, you’ll be amazed at how your best bud is even more motivated when there’s freeze-dried dog treats this tasty on the line!


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