The Rockster
Life Enhancing Super Food for Dogs



Health in A Can

Rockster quite simply has established a new standard in caliber of ingredients, dog nutrition and palatability never seen before in the industry. We are passionate about enhancing the lives of our pets and offer loving pet owners the opportunity to genuinely offer their dogs the choice of having the best of the best. 

More Than Just Food

Rockster is the only bio-organic dog food in the world that is certified as a superfood in its own right, having transformed the lives of many dogs. Acknowledged as the “best of the best” from Europe it offers the dog owner the ability to feed, or superboost kibble, with the highest caliber of complete and balanced organic food without having to cook and source the ingredients themselves or take up room in their freezer.


Rockster Superfoods

Certain foods are nature’s gift, many call them “superfoods”. They are nutritionally dense foods that offer us and our dogs tremendous dietary and healing potential and have been used for thousands of years, due to their power to offer a rich source of nutrients, stimulating health at the cellular level. 


How Rockster Foods Are Made

Rockster products use only muscle and vital inner organs of animals raised under strict organic criteria without use of antibiotics or added growth hormones and fed biologically appropriate food without exposure to chemicals or pesticides. Meaningful levels of a wide variety of bio-organic superfoods, are added in specific combinations to support the health of dogs. Each recipe includes natural prebiotics which support nutrient absorption in the digestive tract as well nurturing the gut microbiome.


Cooked in the Can

Unlike other commercial pet foods, Rockster Superfood is gently poached from raw in the can at low temperatures, mirroring sous-vide cooking methods. Cooking from raw in the can at lower temperatures without exposure to oxygen is a revolutionary way of preserving nutrients in a can whilst enabling the product to be shelf stable without the need for artificial preservatives. The taste of both our Superfoods and Super Treats really do rock the tastebuds of every dog that tries them, and it has been extraordinary to see the difference it has made to dogs and by extension to their owners.



We take transparency to another level. 100% of our ingredients and our manufacturing process are certified providing you with the security of knowing exactly what is in your dog‘s food or treats. We do not use any fillers, meat paste, mechanically reclaimed meats or waste material of any kind and our products smell as good as they taste.


Single Source Proteins

For dogs that may be prone to allergies, our products are all guaranteed single protein formulas without risk of contamination from other protein sources.


Bio-Organic, The Rokster Difference

Bio is synonymous with life, our planet’s life systems operate by natural means and laws. Bio-organic farming represents the most natural, sustainable farming practice in the world. From the soil to harvest to production, every step of the Rockster process is guaranteed free from exposure to chemicals, pesticides, toxins and GMOs. This practice not only eliminates harmful chemicals from the food chain but provides a higher food nutrient content than all other farming methods….as nature intended.

Studies have found Organic fruits and vegetables have between 19 and 69% more phytonutrients than non-organic. Our unique cooking process also maximizes nutrient retention.



Our certifications are a marker of the strictest quality control rules known in the industry.

  • • Ingredients and process are regulated by very strict quality control rules
  • • Animals fed only bio-organic food and cows are grass fed on pesticide-free land and certified to be free from exposure to chemicals, antibiotics, steroids and growth hormones
  • • Animals are raised humanely respecting animal welfare
  • • Plants and vegetable sources are grown free from exposure to chemicals and pesticides
  • • No ingredients unfit for human consumption, fillers, meat paste, or waste materials of any kind
  • • Strict production protocols removing risk of contamination from feed-grade foodstuffs or anything nasty whatsoever
  • • Taste comes only from natural ingredients – no additives, flavourings, added sugars or sodium
  • • All of our packaging is BPA-free
  • • Carbon dioxide neutral production


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